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                         Viviana Pascarella, Owner of Tepore Spa and Esthetics LLC,
​​She's been a skin care professional for over 13 years starting her career  at the epicenter of relaxation, Italy.  She   has   worked  and  studied   under   the most  influential    skin care   companies  in   Europe  developing  todays   techniques   based  on   enhancing  wellness,   relaxation, and a skin care routine.  Specializing in skin care, Viviana will be focusing on facials   and   body   treatments   using   only  the  highest  quality  of  Spa  and   skin care products   from   Paris, France,   Sothys.   This   is   an   internationally  recognized    skin care   brand  of  over  70 years, and forms the foundation of her methodology.  Viviana,  at  Tepòre Spa, will  bring you on a sensorial and knowledgable experience that you will love to have in your wellness routine.
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