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Hanakasumi Treatment - 60 min $140

A unique cherry blossom & lotus scented protocol of Japanese inspiration: Treat teh entire body to an enzymatic peeling, relaxing massage and specific foot modeling in this nourishing, delicately, perfumed, well-being ritual!

       Sensational Orientales - 60 min $140

Inspired by ancestral orientals rites from marocco, this treatment is design to be nourishing, and to enhance teh skin coupled with the experience of pure relation!

Indonesia Ancestrales - 60 min $120

An original treatment protocol inspired by ancestral Indonesian beauty rituals to bring about powerful well-being for the body and mind by rebalancing their energies.

                         100% Customised Treatments - 60 min $120

An exfoliating, massage and wrap experience customised with a fragance of your choice. Complete the experience by enjoying the deliscious sensations with selections of homecare products. 

Specific Contouring

Target  specific problem areas or discover a peeling treatment to renew the skin with a synergy of advance technology.

Signature Slimming Treatment 80 min - $170

A comprehensive slimming treatment with incredible  textures designd to reduce the appearence of all types of cellulite. Precisely  tailored  to  each  client  after a  thorough  body  diagnosis,  this  treatment includes a peeling/wrap to improve toxin elimination, promote lymph flow and ultimately smooth the skin appearence. Exclusive and customised serums and modelling insure a highly effective treatment.


Energizing Legs Treatment 45 min - $100

For those who struggle with tired, heavy legs and feet occasionally or as an ongoing concern. This is a ultra-refreshing protocol aims to refresh, reduce swelling and improve lymphatic flow. Combining active formulas renowned for their toning and stimulating properties, the treatment also boats a specific massage and drainage techniques to ensure comfort and long-lasting freshness.

Sothys Athletics Nutri-Modelling for Men and Women - 60 min  $120 

Sothys Athletics Ultimate Treatment - 80  $160 (include warming wrap)

A treatment protocol combining the originality of a warming effect with the sensory indulgence of a foam wrap with two goals. Completing this amazing Body treatment with a relaxing technique to sooth and relax your body.

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