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Le soin du visage


Basic Sothys European Treatment 60 min  - $85

Promotes a healthy, clear skin; a treatment that provides an essential part to any skin care routine. Designed as part of an overall skin care regime to maintain a radiant complexion and flawless skin years-round.


Targeted Sothys Visage Treatments 60 min - $120

Specialized treatments created to address a range of skin issues and conditions including sensitivity, acne and blemishes, loss of tone around jaw line and neck, as well as targeted treatments for eye ares. Each treatment focuses on area of concerns with the overall goal of improving the condition affecting the skin.

Intensive Sothys Visage Treatments  80 min - $180

At the Heart of the Sothys skin care program are the Intensive Facial Treatments. Each cutting-edge treatment utilize the latest biotechnology to offer cosmeceutical grade solutions second to none, In addition, each Intensive Treatment feature our

Digi-Esthetique massage method, a specific massage inspired by both Oriental and Western techniques to enhance the delivery of the products to the skin.

Men's Essential Treatment 75 min - $150

Created to answer the needs of a man skin. This energizing deep cleansing treatment combines volcanic rock to detoxify and hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin. An exclusive and tailor-made solution for men featuring scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage to induce immediate relaxation.

Prescription Jeunesse 45 min - $100

Sothys as introduced a new professional treatment and targeted retail product to protect the eyes against external aggressor, promoting visibly younger-looking, brighter and more radiant skin.


Secret of Sothys Soin Excellence - 1h30 min 

sothys secret.jpg

Over time our skin ages through several biological and environmental processes: Glycation, prolonged stress, a reduction in its biological defence system and oxidation.

The Secrets de Sothys® Treatment elegantly and meticulously combines superior ingredients with a unique technique for the ultimate Treatment.  To address all of these significant factors that lead to skin aging, it’s a global approach that is both unique in delivery and at the absolute fore with regards to scientific know-how.

No less than 11 unique botanical concentrated formulas are used throughout the treatment in a methodical procedure that is as much about revealing skin youth but also the mind/body wellbeing.

Featuring an exclusive facial technique that is specific to Sothys, LiftoplastieTM, for an immediate skin plumping action and a BioCellulose mask to create a second-skin firmness.

    Perfect Shape Professional Treatment ( Two Treatments Options)

         1. Perfect Shape Neck and Décolleté    50 min - $140

Inspired by two dermo-esthetics techniques, this targeted treatment instantly reshape and redefines facial contour. From the cheekbones to the décolleté, skin is tightened, toned and visibly smoother.

        2. Double Contour Facial Treatment    80 min - $175

Designed to enhance facial features and redefine facial contour, this triple action anti-aging treatment targets eye, neck and décolleté. This complete facial utilizing potent peptides along with a specialized toning massage help to tighten, lift and reshape the jawline and smooth the décolleté. A combination of plants stem cells with a chilled porcelain spoon eye massage combats tired eye, reduces puffiness and diminishes wrinkles around the eye area.

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